Facilities & Gallery

Multi-Sensory Room

Our recently upgraded sensory room provides a wonderful facility for students to both have a learning break and address sensory needs.

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Our wonderful wheelchair friendly playgrounds have an all-rubber surface as well as a range of equipment for all children.

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GP Room

Our large General-Purpose room serves as a PE hall as well as hosting Assemblies and end of term discos.

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Centre Courtyard

This outdoor space serves as an area for students to hang out and socialise during breaks

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Sensory Garden 

Our award winning sensory garden allows students opportunities to relax and enjoy the different sights and smells of the plants and flowers growing there as well and trying their own hand at gardening in our poly tunnels. We are operating a joint gardening project with some of our adult services users from Firhouse which is proving hugely enjoyable for all involved.

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Our Creative Schools Mural and Motto

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